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 Why we love what we do?

AwareTs Inform Inspire Express Yourself Motivation

At Aware Ts, we believe that life is an amazing journey that is precious and beautiful, and should never be taken for granted.  It should be fun and enjoyable for everyone.  For years we have worked in our communities to help make a positive difference for as many people as we can.  From helping the homeless, men and women in transition to supporting the elderly.  We strive to make a positive difference. 


We believe that everyone can make a difference just by sharing a smile, a joke, a kind word, a helping hand or simple encouragement. 

That is why we created Aware Ts, to help spread the word, share the love, inspire or motivate someone and remind them that they are not alone.  We are all in this together, and together we can make a beautiful difference!  Love makes the world go round!.

It is our hope that our t-shirts will inspire you, lift you up, or help you inspire someone else!

Aware Ts, Say it with a Smile :) 

Thank you for shopping with us!

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